Puzzoid for Windows Phone 8 is a nice puzzle game to kill time


Puzzoid for Windows Phone 8 is a nice game to kill time

I don’t usually play games on my phone. Won’t lie, I am not a very big fan of roaming around cities, beating seemingly innocent people, or crashing my car every turn. But I do like games that illuminate my grey cells. I recently came across one such game, and although its graphics didn’t appeal to me, the game is good enough to fritter away time. 

The game is called Puzzoid, and its gameplay is quite simple, yet interesting. There are different colored tiles that need to be sorted. You can move those tiles and as two same colored tiles come in contact, they disappear. The objective of the game is to clear the board within 60 seconds. However, there are plenty of moves you can make.

The graphics and sound aren’t up to the par, although, the game still looks interesting. Puzzoid costs $0.99 and you can grab the free trial from the download link below. Let us know if you like it.