New Pushbullet app, Pushbull, now available for Windows phone users

Brad Stephenson


A third-party Pushbullet app has just launched in the Windows Store for Windows phones running Windows 10 Mobile. The app allows Pushbullet users to communicate with their friends, subscribe and consume content from their different Pushbullet Channels, receive smartphone notifications on a PC, and share files between devices.

Here’s the official description: Pushbull is an unofficial Pushbullet client, we are no way affiliated with It includes most of the features available in the official client (and others are coming!)  With Pushbull you can: – Easily share links and files between your devices, or with friends – See all your phone’s notifications on your computer – Use Pushbullet Channels to subscribe to timely notifications about things you care about – Much more!  If you want to help us translate the app in your language, just send us an email!

Pushbull will be competing against another third-party Pushbullet Windows 10 app called, Instabullet. Unlike Pushbull, which is only available on Windows phones, Instabullet can also operate on Windows 10 PCs and even the Surface Hub. Pushbullet users may want to compare both apps to see which one best suits their needs. Pushbull is free with in-app purchases while Pushbullet has a seven day free trial before users are required to upgrade to the paid version.

Here’s the official description for Instabullet: Instabullet is unofficial Windows Phone PushBullet client. In comparison with other PushBullet clients it supports all available features supported by this platform. Free version is a trial version for 7 days. After that period you’ll need to buy the application to continue using it.  Why should you choose Instabullet?

  • No problems with synchronizations in compare with other PushBullet clients. Devices, Contacts, Subscriptions and Pushes are always up-to-date!
  • Supports push notifications.
  • Supports adding, editing, deleting for Devices, Contacts, Subscriptions and Pushes.
  • Supports searching channels and subscribing to them.
  • Supports sending Pushes: Notes, Links, Addresses, Lists and all kind of files.
  • Supports sending to all kind of destination types.
  • Universal copy and paste feature.
  • Many, many more.

Do you use a third-party Pushbullet app on your Windows device? Share your recommendations with the site community in the comments below.

Developer: Winuser
Price: Free
Developer: MistyK
Price: Free