Purchase a Microsoft Surface RT in China and get a free Touch or Type cover


Surface Pro

Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet has been available in China via several outlets including Microsoft Store (online), a store called Suning (which is similar to BestBuy in the United States), PC Mall, One Zero, and 360buy. Now, Microsoft is offering a deal for Chinese users as an incentive to purchase a Surface RT.

Microsoft’s Surface RT, powered by the Windows RT operating system, is being promoted by Microsoft China as part of a new deal to entice consumers to purchase the device. Microsoft China is offering a free Touch or Type cover with someone purchases a Surface RT via any of the Surface sales outlets available in China.

In other words, Chinese consumers can purchase a Surface RT without a cover and receive a free Touch Cover. Or, Chinese consumers can purchase a Surface RT with a Touch Cover included, and receive an additional Touch Cover or even a Type cover for free.

This offer is limited and ends May 31st. Microsoft China has made no mention if this offer will be expanded to the Surface Pro, or even if this offer will be available in other countries outside of China (like the United States!).

If interested, head over to the Microsoft online Store in China!