PUBG for Xbox One gets a maintenance update to address performance issues

Arif Bacchus

PlayerUnknown's Battleground PUBG on Xbox One

If you’ve been playing PUBG on Xbox One, you might have noticed some performance issues and stability problems with the game. Well, help is on the way as the game developer today released a maintenance update to address these issues and many more.

Overall, this update implemented texture changes to improve graphical performance, with additional fixes to reduce crashes. It also optimized vehicle profiles to improve the game’s framerate and comes with bug fixes for an instance where players would hear footsteps when no other players were in the vicinity.

Other changes can be seen in the list below.

  • A counter has been added to show the number of players remaining on the airplane
  • Reminder to the community that the Varsity Jacket (also known as the PUBG5 jacket) announced last week will be rewarded to players after March 22nd 12:01AM. Look for it in your in-game inventory from March 22nd, inside the customization tab of the menu
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the blue zone from being displayed correctly
  • The layout of the inventory has been improved, adding focal points to identify selected areas, a clearer button guide and tooltips
  • Improved selection of weapon slots and attachments – players can change the focus and selection by using the D-Pad
  • Quick scrolling has been added by using LT/RT buttons

Since PUBG is still in game preview, you can submit your Feedback to the game developer by visiting the forums. Your feedback counts, especially since it helps make the game better for everyone! Happy downloading, and let us know how you’re finding PUBG by dropping us a comment below.