PSA: You can use the Samsung DeX Station with your Continuum enabled Windows 10 Mobile phone

Arif Bacchus

When Samsung revealed the Galaxy S8, it paired the announcement with the introduction of the DeX Station, a desktop dock which allows the user to convert their smartphone into a desktop computer. After the Galaxy s8 is placed into the $149 desktop dock, the phone launches into a special DeX mode on a connected external monitor, and applications can be opened in multiple separate windows.

This all may sound familiar to Windows Phone fans, as Microsoft first introduced this idea with Continuum and the Microsoft Display Dock. Well, even with this so, it turns out that Samsung’s DeX Station is compatible with Continuum enabled Windows 10 Mobile phones (via Neowin.)

Seen above, a YouTube user recently proved that the Lumia 950 works with Samsung’s DeX Station. Though there does not appear to be any added benefits of doing so, he is able to connect the Lumia to the dock and open the Movies & TV app, navigate to the and play a movie. Since all Windows 10 Mobile phones use the same Continuum technology, one can also assume that this means other Continuum Phones (such as the Alcatel Idol 4S, and the HP Elite x3) would work with the Samsung DeX Station as well.

If you just so happen to own both a Galaxy S8 with the DeX Station, and a Continuum compatible Windows 10 Mobile device, we invite you to let us know if the same works for you by dropping us a comment below!