Professional rally driver gives the head of Xbox a ride in one of the fastest VW Beetles you'll ever see

Sean Michael

Phil Spencer in rally car

HoloLens and Kinect can be put to the wayside, the most realistic way to feel a rally car is to ride in one. That’s exactly what the head over Xbox Phil Spencer did as part of a promotion for Forza Horizon 2.

The video starts off like a game trailer but then it’s revealed that it’s Phil Spencer who is going to be getting a ride in one of the fastest VW Beetles you’ll ever see. It has 504 horsepower from only a 1.6 liter engine and is the “hero car of the Rockstar Energy Drink Car Pack from Forza Horizon 2.” The driver of the rally car is Tanner Foust who is a “professional rally driver, world-record holder and Xbox ambassador.”

The video is promoting Forza Horizon 2 and also serves as a springboard to bring up a photo contest within the game. Winners of the contest will get signed memorabilia from Tanner Foust.