Preview program will be released to select Xbox 360 users

Sean Michael

Xbox Controller

With the drum of Microsoft leading the march forward, it’s easy to assume that older devices and services will lose support. While Microsoft has cut support from Windows XP and the new browser code named Project Spartan will only be on Windows 10, support continues for the Xbox 360. The latest support released for the Xbox 360 is the announcement of a preview program that will be released to select customers.

The Xbox 360 preview program works much like the Xbox One preview program that allows users to receive updates and preview content. The Xbox 360 preview will initially only rollout to select customers. There aren’t a lot of details but the Verge has reported that an initial update will “add better network connectivity tests.”

It’s an interesting move by Microsoft as they are moving past many of their old products but to many with Xbox 360s, it will be welcomed. The preview program also continues the latest trend of allowing members of the public to receive preview versions of software. The Windows 10 insider program has 2.8 million users and provides valuable feedback to Microsoft while also satiating the appetite of consumers for new content and features.