Pre-order The Division with Microsoft Store & Get 15,000 Xbox Rewards Credits

Arif Bacchus

After a super successful and very popular beta test two weeks ago, Tom Clancy’s The Division is still about a week away from it’s March 8th full release date. So, if you’re still looking to pre-order what is promised to be Xbox’s newest hits, Microsoft has quite the offer for you.

Right now Microsoft is offering 15,000 Xbox Live Rewards credits for any Xbox Live Rewards member who pre-orders the game through the online or retail Microsoft Store. In the instance that you’re not a Xbox Live Rewards member, you can opt in for a $10.00 Xbox gift card instead. In either instance, the offer will be applied instantly at checkout with your Microsoft account, and will be redeemable ten days after the game has been downloaded or delivered.

The 15,000 Xbox Live Rewards credits can later be converted into your country’s local currency and deposited into your Microsoft account through the Xbox Rewards Website. This offer will expire soon, so you can go ahead and click here now to pre-order and grab up this deal while it lasts!