PowerToys version 0.60.1 out with bug fixes

Kevin Okemwa


Microsoft Powertoys has now been bumped up to version 0.60.1 which features the usual bug fixes, improving on the previous release, PowerToys 0.60 which focused mainly on stability and improvement of the platform, such as the Image Resizer entry being displayed in the new Windows 11 context menu amongst other nifty features. You can get to check out the complete rundown of fixes and improvements that the PowerToys 0.60 release unpacked here,

But as for PowerToys version, 0.60.1 here is the full changelog:

  • #19253 – Updated the Microsoft Store submission of PowerToys to not show UI while installing.
  • #19203 – Fixed a bug causing FancyZones to not apply templates correctly when more than one monitor shared the same serial number.
  • #19233 – Fixed the incompatibility not allowing the PowerRename and ImageResizer Windows 11 tier 1 context menus being shown on development insider builds.
  • #19219 – The old context menus are now shown on Windows 11 as well, to account for configurations where other third party software might be overriding the Windows 11 context menus.
  • #19263 – Fixed a bug making the Find My Mouse overlay hang when activated in the top left corner of the screen.
  • #19223 – The FancyZones Editor should no longer crash on configurations where monitors are not detected connected to display devices.

If you already have PowerToys running on your device, it should automatically notify you of this update. Alternatively, you can get this update today by launching your app, then clicking on General followed by the Check for Updates, and then the Install Now button. This version of the app is also available on GitHub, if you do not have it already.