PowerToys 2.0 released, includes new Color Picker

Laurent Giret

PowerToys for Windows 10

Microsoft has released today a big update for PowerToys, its collection of utilities for power users looking to do more with their Windows 10 PCs. This release introduces several new features including a screen wide color picker, and SVG icon support for File Explorer.

“Between 0.19 and 0.20 releases, we tracked down a lot of performance and memory issues with PowerToys Run as well,” said Clint Rutkas, Program manager lead on PowerToys. You can find the highlights for this 0.20 release below:

  • Martin Chrzan’s Color Picker was added in! With a quick Win+Shift+C, get the color from your screen
  • File Explorer – Can now render SVG icons thanks to Chris Davis
  • FancyZones – you can now snap to any number of zones in FancyZones holding Shift+Ctrl while dragging a window
  • PT Run – keyboard interaction improvements
  • PT Run – freshly installed apps are now being detected
  • PT Run – Lots of perf and bug fixes
  • Keyboard manager – app level shortcuts
  • Example: For Outlook, Remap Ctrl+F to F4 and now Ctrl+F will put up the find window 🙂
  • Keyboard manager – Now can remap key to shortcut and shortcut to key.
  • Settings – Now has improved OOBE based on the work the Microsoft Garage Interns did during their hackathon
  • PowerRename improvements

If you have yet to try PowerToys, the collection of tools is available on GitHub. “We know there are areas for improvement on PowerToys Run,” Rutkas said today, and users are invited to share their feedback with the team to help them improve it.