Power BI helps demonstrate the power of big data to LEGO

Michael Cottuli

There are a whole lot of kids out there who are crazy about LEGO. Whether it be getting their hands on one of the countless LEGO games or watching the exceptional LEGO movie for the umpteenth time, most kids are understandably enamored with the series of toys. Knowing this, it’s no wonder that when Microsoft Principal Program Manager Jeff Lumpkin told his sons Walter and Vernon that he was going to be presenting Power BI to the toy company, they wanted to tag along.

When they were told that the conference was only for people presenting data, the two boys decided to take matters into their own hands and poll their school to gather some data that LEGO might find interesting. Walter and Vernon put together some strong data, finding out tons of information in regards to the rate at which interest in LEGO decays in children, and what ownership of certain LEGO products mean for a continued loyalty to the company going forward. After collecting all the data, the two kids plugged the info into Microsoft Excel and gave it to their father.


With the data in hand, Program Manager Lumpkin put it all together into Power BI to visualize the data and put it into his presentation for the LEGO team. Using the program, he was able to make everything look absolutely professional and ready to be shown off like it was made up by data management professionals.

The work from Walter and Vernon proves that, using some of the programs offered up by Microsoft, you’re never too young to start learning just how important and valuable some good data can be – whether you’re trying to seal the deal on that big sale, or trying to get a trip to meet the makers of your favorite toy.