Power BI delievers new features to preview, talks about future plans

Joseph Finney

Power BI delievers new features to preview and talks about future plans

Businesses need to understand how their business is operating, and in todays fast moving world data drives this understanding. Microsoft’s tool for enabling businesses to understand and view their big data is Power BI. This tool visualizes data in a range of different ways from a range of different sources. Now Microsoft is rolling out an update into the preview for Power BI which enables new ways to view and access data.

The new data view tool is a dashboard which can be populated with any range of different data sources. The dashboard can be built using natural language to filter through data sets from the cloud or on premises. A customized dashboard can provide a unique glimpse into the interworking pieces which make up the entire company. Dashboard elements can be bar, line, bubble graphs, or maps, or even just raw numbers.

Power BI has also grabbed some improvements when it comes to connecting to different SaaS (software as a service) providers like Salesforce, GitHub, Zendesk, Marketo, and SendGrid. Connecting with services give even more data for users to access and visualize. These visualizations can be viewed on a new wave of Power BI apps which are being developed across devices and platforms.

Head over to the VIA link to read more about these new Power BI features that are available for preview.