“A Portal to Mystery,” Minecraft’s latest Story Mode episode, coming next week

Laurent Giret

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 6 ‘A Portal to Mystery’ will launch next Tuesday, June 7th for PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Mojang revealed in a blog post today that this release will be the first of three new episodes developed and published by Telltale Games around the established video game franchise owned by Mojang and Microsoft. New episode will allow gamers to continue to follow the adventures of Jesse and his friends which will be joined by many new characters; you can read more details from Mojang’s blog post below:

In Episode 6: ‘A Portal to Mystery’, continuing their journey through the portal hallway, Jesse and crew land themselves in another strange new world – one completely overrun by zombies. With a timely invitation to take refuge in a spooky mansion, they find themselves thrown into a thrilling mystery alongside famous members of the Minecraft community. Fresh perils await them in an unfamiliar land, as does the sinister figure known as The Host. What can this pumpkin-headed hostelier have in mind for his new guests? Who are the strangers invited to attend The Host’s mansion party?! Can anyone be trusted?!! Who will survive?!!! Will Owen tell me off for using excessive punctuation?!!!! Who knows?!!!!!

Several special guest stars from the Minecraft community join the cast in this new episode, all playing characters from their own YouTube videos. Players will get to interact with Joseph Garrett as Stampy Cat, Stacy Hinojosa as Stacy Plays, Dan Middleton as DanTDM (The Diamond Minecart), Lizzie as LDShadowLady, and Jordan Maron as CaptainSparklez!

This new episode will be available for digital purchase for $4.99 USD or equivalent, otherwise, the new $14.99 Adventure Pass will get you episodes 6, 7, and 8 as they release. However, be aware that you’ll need to own at least Episode 1 or the previous season pass in to purchase these new episodes. We also want to remind PC gamers that while Minecraft: Story Mode is available on Steam, it’s also the also the first game from Telltale Games to be available on the Windows Store and of course episode 6 will be available right there (with Xbox Live achievements, which is nice).

Lastly, Telltale Games has also published a video featuring YouTube heroines and heroes who appear in the episode. You can watch it below, though Telltale Games shared that “there are no big spoilers, but you might save it for later if you want to experience the story completely anew”.

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