Popular Windows Phone Pocket client, Poki, is coming to the Windows Store February 2015

Fahad Al-Riyami

Popular Windows Phone Pocket client Poki is coming to Windows Store in February 2015

If you love reading articles online but constantly find yourself in and out of internet connectivity, services like Pocket can make waiting at the bus stop a lot less boring. While Pocket doesn’t have an official Windows Phone app, they don’t have a grudge against third-party developers like SnapChat, Instagram or Tinder.

Poki is one of the best Pocket clients on Windows Phone, the app is designed exceptionally well and is feature rich. Its 5 star (yes FIVE STAR) rating from just under 900 reviews on the Windows Phone Store is a testament of that. And today, the developers of the app have confirmed that Poki for Windows will launch on February 5, 2015, the one year anniversary of the app.

The app is free to download with Poki Premium being offered as a paid in-app purchase to enable additional features such as background synchronization, updating items while offline, multi-item editing and additional themes.

In the meantime, you can download Poki for Windows Phone and enjoy saving online articles for offline viewing, searching for articles by name, URL or tags, listening to articles even in the background and a lot more. Head over to the download link below to get it. And fret not, we’ll remind you to download Poki for Windows come its February 5 launch date.