Popular Windows 10 Twitter app Aeries getting updated soon with a number of fixes and a UI tweak

Mark Coppock

The Windows 10 ecosystem has a number of excellent third-party Twitter clients. Two are Tweet It! And Aeries, with the former getting a relatively minor update with some nice UI enhancements. Today, Aeries is getting its own update, except this time the number of fixes and enhancements are a little more significant.

Here’s the changelog from the developer’s site:

  • Updated colour pallet in some places.
  • Navigation performance improvements.
  • Fixed an issue where the bottom of a tweet detail view was hidden on PC.
  • Fixed some issues where custom tint colour would not apply.
  • Fixed a potential crash when deleting accounts whilst streaming.
  • Fixed an issue where battery drain and performance issues could occur on a poor performant Wi-Fi connection.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes reply text wouldn’t display in tweet detail view.
  • Improved scrolling performance.
  • Massively improved navigation performance for quickly viewing user profiles and tweet details.
  • Fixed an issue where the command bar could stop working after switching sections on mobile.
  • Accounts page and login page now adopt a slightly gradient background.
  • Improvements in how sections are managed behind the scenes for more stability and easier future extensions
  • Pull to refresh!
  • New compose experience for desktop (Ctrl + Click to pop-out compose window).
  • Crash logging improvements.
  • Added animations for opening and closing images with the image viewer.
  • Images now slightly fade in when lazy loaded within the timeline.
  • Unread count now displays over each timeline, creating more space in the headers.
  • Unread count now hides when you scroll (sic) down.
  • Pin users as sections
  • Fewer appearance settings require restart of application.
  • Quick actions displayed on mouse (sic) over now have hover states and animations for appearing / disappearing.
  • Lots of diagnostic improvements to fix future bugs quicker.
  • Fixed some issues with streaming stability.
  • Fixed an issue where retweet notification may not fire if received (sic) via streaming.

That’s a fairly significant update offering a ton of fixes and enhancements. Keep an eye out for the update, and you can download the app for $2.99 from the Windows Store at the link below.

Developer: Brad Stevenson
Price: Free