Popular new apps coming to Windows 8, Windows Store close to 100k apps


Windows Store

In an official blog post, Microsoft is showcasing a few new popular apps that will be released for Windows 8 soon. Among the new apps, Microsoft also touts “strong app momentum” for the Windows Store and Windows 8.

“We’re only one week until Build and we’re really looking forward to getting together with developers in San Francisco to talk apps, code, industry trends, and of course have some fun. As we head into Build and the conversation on new apps, and apps yet to come, I wanted to take a moment and highlight strong app momentum for Windows 8,” Microsoft’s Steve Guggenheimer stated in an official blog post.

With the Windows 8.1 Preview due in one week, a few new popular apps are set to roll out to the Windows Store. These new apps include edjing, an app that provides DJ’ing effects; Great British Chefs app, an app that offers 300 photographed recipes from popular UK Chefs; Tesco Groceries app, for those who shop at Tesco in the UK; Time Out app, which showcases what’s happening in cities around the world; VEVO app, for those who use the popular personalized music video and music entertainment platform; Vyclone social media app, and a puzzle game called Where’s My Mickey.

“This is really just the tip of the iceberg and some really great examples of apps landing on the Windows platform. The excitement is continuing to grow and our entire team is excited to spend some time with developers from around the world next week in San Francisco at Build,” Microsoft adds.

On top of that, the Windows Store is now close to reaching the 100,000 app mark. At the time of this post, there are 91,118 apps in the Windows Store, according to the MetroStore Scanner. Whether these apps are quality is up for debate, however, the bottom line is that the Windows Store is close to reaching 100k apps. This feat is something Microsoft will surely brag about during the Build 2013 developer conference in one week.