Popular to-do list app Todoist is coming to Windows Phone soon

Hammad Saleem

The popular to-do list app Todoist coming to Windows Phone soon

Todoist is a popular to-do list tool which has dedicated apps not just for Android and iOS, but it has a web version as well as extensions and application for Windows, Chrome and other browsers. One platform missing from the list is Windows Phone, which is not surprising to be honest, but it seems the app for Windows Phone may arrive soon. 

An anxious Windows Phone user recently inquired about a dedicated app for the platform on the company’s support forums. A staff member confirmed they are working on an app for Windows Phone, but they didn’t reveal the exact availability date. 

Todoist’s David Trey replied, “We have recently acquired the TaskCrunch app which was a third-party app for the Windows Phone so we can recommend it for now, but we’ve also hired its developer who is currently working on our official Windows Phone app.”

We’ll update you as soon as the app is available for Windows Phone.