Poll: What’s the most you would pay for a phone?

Sean Michael

Phones are tremendous little devices, or not so little if you have a phablet. They’re with us just about 24/7 and do a ridiculous number of things. From communicating to gaming to work productivity to being remotes for your other devices, they ‘re practically a necessity. But how much one phone is worth varies from person to person and some top-of-the-line phones can even be over $800.

This week we ask, how much are you willing to pay for a phone?

This question is tricky because even top end phones offer different features and are valuable for different reasons. Some users are outraged over the price of the newly announced HP Elite x3’s pricing but in my opinion the price is more than justified. It has just about every feature you could think of. It’s also a Continuum powerhouse that’s trying to be more than your phone. With the optional laptop style extender HP is stretching what phones can be.

Some phones also offer added value because of how well they work in an ecosystem. An iPhone is a great device in general but it is even better if you have other Apple products such as a Macbook, Apple TV, or Apple Watch.

Another factor is how people pay for phones. Some finance phones over multiple years to own them for a lower overhead. For this poll I’m looking for people to calculate what they would pay total for a phone over their contract. There are plans out there where people pay a monthly fee and get to upgrade phones every year which throws a wrench into this but I think we can still pick a number that’s in our heads.

Let us know where your limit is and elaborate in the comments. If you’re willing to pay more than $1,000 for a phone please explain what that phone would have to be able to do!