4 million Surfaces to be sold in 2015, Surface Pro 4 unveiled at Build, says Digitimes

Sean Michael

Surface Pro 3

The Surface line has been experiencing consistent growth since the release of the Surface Pro 3. While the brand initially suffered with the first few generations of devices, Microsoft has since turned it around. With the addition of the highly anticipated Surface 3 this year and the expected Surface Pro 4 release by the end of this year, the Surface line has a bright future.

So bright in fact, that some are predicting over 4 million Surface devices to be sold in 2015 which would be more than double the figures sold from last year. This is speculation but it gives us a good opportunity to think about the future of Microsoft’s line of “tablets that can replace your laptop.”

Digitimes (so take it with a grain of salt) is reporting that the Surface Pro 4 will be revealed at Build this month. They also are reporting that the Surface Pro 4 will “enter mass production in June and will be released along with Windows 10 in the second half of 2015.”

Since the first Surface device was released Microsoft has shipped 12 million Surface devices with a large bump coming since the release of the Surface Pro 3 which is widely regarded as a solid and worthwhile device.

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