Poll shows that Microsoft gives a better customer experience than Apple… just barely


Poll shows that Microsoft gives a better customer experience than Apple... just

Customer service is just as important as the quality of products from a company. Problems arise from time to time, and when they do you want to know that they will be addressed appropriately and in a timely fashion. A new poll by Forrester Research reveals that Microsoft is seen by customers as offering a better overall experience than Apple — but not by much.

The results of the survey are actually great news for Microsoft. A similar poll carried out last year put Microsoft in fifth place behind Amazon, Apple, Sony and Samsung. It looks as though 2013 was something of a duff for the company, but Microsoft is bouncing back.

Thousands of customers were asked to rate the five top companies by answering a series of questions:

  • How enjoyable were they to do business with?
  • How easy were they to do business with?
  • How effective were they at meeting your needs?

In 2013, Microsoft found itself in last place with a score of 74, but now the company has jumped all the way up to a score of 82. This is the same score as Samsung, and one more than Apple. It might seem like a small victory, but being one point ahead of Apple is a big different to being five points behind twelve months ago.

The new rankings mean that Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and Sony are all seen as offering a “good” customer experience. Amazon remains ways out in front with a score of 91 and an “excellent” rating.

How would you rate these five companies? Has your experience with Microsoft improved over the past year?