Poll: Should Microsoft make Windows RT devices run Windows 10 Mobile?

Sean Michael

Poll: Should Microsoft make Windows RT devices run Windows 10 Mobile?

You’ve heard it a thousand times “Windows RT” is dead. This isn’t a question anymore as the operating system isn’t receiving a Windows 10 update and instead gets a Start Menu and nothing else that’s considered major. Windows RT devices won’t even run Windows 10 universal apps so Windows RT securely has two feet, a torso, and its head in the grave. This isn’t going to change but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to dream. This week’s poll asks if Windows RT devices should run Windows 10 Mobile. Knowing full well that this will never happen, we’re here to discuss and vote on if it should happen! Vote in this week’s poll and tune into the podcast this Friday to hear our discussion on it.

A few things worth mentioning on why this won’t happen. First off, every step Microsoft has done related to Windows RT is moving away from it as a platform. The lack of Windows 10 app support and other major Windows 10 updates are especially indicative. Additionally, Microsoft’s policy is that Windows 10 Mobile is only for devices that are 8” or smaller. Devices like the Surface RT are larger than this and would require a large change in stance from those in Redmond.

If this ever did (again it won’t) happen, the benefits are obvious. Windows 10 Mobile will run universal Windows 10 apps. It will be the mobile sibling of Windows 10 and will pair with it smoothly. Windows 10 Mobile running on Windows RT devices would bring them new usability and extend their life cycle.

Windows RT has some strong components. It isn’t as if it is dreadful, it’s just been replaced by other software. With inexpensive 2-1’s filling the shelves, fans and companies have migrated towards running full Windows, even on smaller and cheaper device. As Windows RT floats away in a burning ship to visit Zune and others like it, we have one last chance to discuss what Microsoft should do with it.