Poll: Do you like the new Start Menu coming in Windows 10 Anniversary Update?

Zac Bowden

Microsoft unveiled plans for a new Start Menu design this past week that brings the All Apps list to the forefront of the Start Menu whilst hiding Account and Settings under a hamburger menu accessible from a left hand menu.

This design matches that of other areas of the system, so it’s a change that makes sense, but I have seen a number of insiders express great dislike towards these changes, all with legitimate reasons and arguments.

New Start Menu Design
New Start Menu Design

So I’m curious, do you like the new Start Menu designs that may arrive with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update? Vote in our poll below and give us a reason why in the comments area on this page, we’re super interested in what you think!

Microsoft is leaving it up to Windows Insiders as to whether these new Start Menu changes get implemented, so if you haven’t yet, make sure you cast your vote here.