Poll: Which cloud storage providers do you use?

Sean Michael

Microsoft Cloud

With free OneDrive storage dropping to 5GB in July and Dropbox’s Project Infinite (a feature very similar to the old OneDrive placeholders) within Windows 10, cloud storage is on the minds of many Windows users.

While free OneDrive storage may be limited, the number of providers of cloud storage doesn’t seem to be. Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Box are big names but there are plenty more in regular use. This week’s poll asks which providers you use. Emphasis on the “s.” This week you can select multiple options within the poll and write in any other providers.

Personally, I use OneDrive for personal files and university and Dropbox for my American football team. Many people are probably on multiple services but if you’re only on one you can obviously just select that one.

We’ll discuss the results on this week’s WinBeta Podcast, which as a reminder will not be live this Friday at 8pm GMT (more details will be in a later post). You can vote in this week’s poll and share your reasoning in the comments below.