PlayStation 4 once again outsells the Xbox One

Hammad Saleem

Xbox One

The Sony PlayStation 4 has once again topped the charts when it comes to console sales in the United States. August is the fourth consecutive month that Sony’s console outsold the Xbox One in the US (via GeekWire). Almost all of 2015 has been dominated by Sony, April being the exception. Furthermore, Sony revealed that Call of Duty: Black Ops III is the “most successful beta in PS4 history” and also stated that Madden NFL 16 “sold more on PS4 than any other platform.” These games and more propelled Sony to the number one spot for software sales in August as well.
It wasn’t all bad for the folks at Redmond, the company revealed that the Xbox One sales have increased by 26 percent in the month of August 2015. The company hopes to kick things off in the coming months with a number of interesting games, Xbox One Backward Compatibility and more. Mike Nichols, VP of Xbox Marketing, said in a statement
“With more of the greatest games lineup in Xbox history, support for Xbox 360 games, the New Xbox One Experience system update in November alongside Xbox One Backward Compatibility and award-winning Xbox Elite Wireless Controller to follow this holiday, we’re excited to further build on this momentum in the months to come.”
Unfortunately, the companies didn’t reveal exact number for the sales of the consoles, but it still gives us a picture of how well the consoles are performing in the US. However, the NPD notes that the overall console sales fell by 2 percent compared to last year.