PlayStation 4 beats Xbox One during 2014, selling more consoles worldwide


PlayStation 4 beats Xbox One during 2014, selling more consoles worldwide

Released in North America on November of 2013, Microsoft’s Xbox One console was intended to dominate the next-gen console market. Sony’s PlayStation 4 (PS4) made its North American debut in November of 2013 as well and both consoles have been going at it ever since.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, the PS4 is defeating the Xbox One in terms of worldwide console sales. Now, keep in mind that the battle is far from over. However, it is clear that Microsoft needs to step up their game if they ever want to dethrone the PS4.

According to new data from Sony’s quarterly earnings report, Sony sold 7.5 million PlayStation consoles (PS4 and PS3) worldwide during the peak 2014 shopping season. Microsoft sold 6.6 million Xbox consoles (Xbox One and Xbox 360) during the same period, even after the $50 Xbox One holiday price cut.

Adding it all together, Sony reported 18.8 million PlayStation consoles sold, with Microsoft at 12.1 million Xbox units sold for the 2014 year. PlayStation fans, you win this time. But 2015 is a new year and Microsoft has every chance to make this year belong to the Xbox One.

Microsoft began selling the Xbox One with a Kinect for $499, eventually dropping the Kinect and offering the console for $399. The company has also been offering various promotions, slashing the price of the Xbox One by an additional $50 in an attempt to dethrone the PS4.

What do you think Microsoft needs to do in order to beat PS4 this year?