Play new Windows 10 UWP platformer game John Strike in all its 8-bit glory on PC and mobile

Kit McDonald

John Strike UWP Game

If you’ve been chomping at the bit to find another 8-bit platformer that you haven’t beaten yet, John Strike might be arriving just in time. The game has only been available on Windows Store for a couple of weeks and already has a couple of thousands of downloads with an average of 4.4 stars.

John Strike plays in chapters but the developer Alexandre Carvalho fully intends to bring out more. In the description, the indie developer states:

This game does not have sponsorship or support, if you like the game share and give good feedback in the store. Before his feedback will launch the chapter 2!

Built like a retro platformer with explosions and funky music, the Metroidvania style seems to be a popular addition to the list of game apps. Reviewers say the game is “entertaining” and that it reminds them of the Sega Master System. Even better, John Strike is a UWP that supports Continuum so you can play with a larger monitor from your phone.

If you want to give John Strike a try, download it for free from the Windows Store by clicking the Appbox below.

John Strike
John Strike
Developer: Alexandre Carvalho
Price: Free