Play the new Ben-Hur video game for free on Xbox One

Brad Stephenson

Ben-Hur on Xbox One

A new video game, Ben-Hur, is now available in some regions on the Xbox One and it is being given away to all users for free. The game is a promotional tie-in for the new movie of the same name and is being published by AOL. It’s a very short game but it does come with a lot of Xbox Achievements that can be unlocked fairly easily.

Here’s the official description: Take the reins of the most exhilarating chariot race in history, as you become Ben-Hur. Inspired by this year’s reimagining of the epic film, brave the twists of an ancient Roman arena and battle deadly charioteers for your life and the freedom of your family. In this race… the first to finish is the last to die. Race merciless charioteers through a stunning re-creation of the Roman arena in Jerusalem, fueled by the visual horsepower of the Xbox One.

Grab Ben-Hur on Xbox One

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