PicCollage makes image editing easy on Windows 10

Brad Stephenson

PicCollage makes image editing easy on Windows 10

Those who have just upgraded to Windows 10 and are looking for a fun image editing app will be pleased to hear about PicCollage, which has just been fully updated to new Universal Windows App format and is now out for free on Windows 10 devices.

The app is fairly basic despite its claim in the store description that it has all the features Photoshop has (spoiler alert: it doesn’t) but its easy to use interface and variety of free images, frames and tools does make it a good option for those wanting to do some basic image editing and creation with photos and not worry too much about color balance and advanced brightness levels.

Using images from the Photos folder on a Windows 10 device, pictures can be drawn on, cropped, cut out and stuck on other images in very much a collage would be made in real-life. The images can then be saved onto a device, exported to either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or even printed as phone cases, posters, magnets and photo printouts.

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