Phone Link is bringing audio streaming to PC in upcoming update

David Allen

Link Your Phone

Microsoft has been busy updating its Phone Link app over the past few months, and they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. For those that aren’t aware, the Phone Link app allows you to interact with your phone using your Windows PC. You can do things such as make and receive calls, and texts, and interact with notifications.  Some features are specific to Samsung phones, such as the most recent feature added, being able to control your hotspot from your PC.

In an upcoming update, you’ll be able to stream audio from your cell phone to your PC.  This will work similarly to Spotify’s Connect now.  Not everyone will get this feature at once, but when it’s available you’ll find it above the notifications area in the Phone Link app.

A second feature worth mentioning coming to Phone Link is  “Continuity Browser History”  This allows users to share browsing history between their PC and Phone easily.  Unfortunately, this is one of those Samsung-only features.  For those that don’t have a Samsung Android phone, you can always use Microsoft Edge’s built-in Continue Browsing experience.