Phone app update on Windows 10 Mobile adds 'Call Duration' feature

Kareem Anderson


Thanks in part to Microsoft’s de-coupling of apps from the core operating system, apps such as ‘Phone’ are being updated much more frequently. Moments ago, the Windows team dropped a Phone app update into the Windows Store for Mobile.
The new update pushes the app up to version 2.12.2002.0 from where it sat for weeks at 1.10.23004.0. As for what the new full-point upgrade brings to the table, it appears to be microscopic. There are no outwardly design changes nor any navigational upgrades.
However, users may be excited to gain Call Duration listings in the details pane of each call in the Call History. Now when long pressing on the phone call, users are greeted with the same list of options that include Delete, Add to Speedial, Block contact, and Details. Selecting Details now shows how long a call lasted.

While not massively impressive or even a much sought after feature, the new listing of Call Duration does go a long way to round out the rough edges of Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system.
Microsoft Phone
Microsoft Phone
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