Pentagon documents on Ukraine war leaked on Minecraft Discord server

Robert Collins

Classified, top-secret Pentagon documents pertaining to Ukraine’s war with Russia have been leaked online. Apparently, the source of the initial leak was a Minecraft Discord server, of all places.

The documents in question included CIA assessments of the war, as reported by Forbes and other outlets. At least 10 classified documents  were leaked to the Discord server “Minecraft Earth Maps,” and have spread to social media sites including Twitter and Telegram. Apparently the leak was the result of an argument between users over the Ukraine-Russia war, during which one user responded ‘here, have some leaked documents,’ attaching them in the post.

Netherlands-based research group Bellingcat has tracked the leaks, and their research indicates that at least two other similar leaks have occurred just this year—one on the Discord server Thug Shaker Central; the other via server WowMao, which is also a YouTube channel with over 200,000 followers. Both forums have since been deleted. The WowMao server reportedly made available more than 30 classified government documents.