PCMark clocks new Edge Browser at 10% faster than legacy Edge

Jonny Caldwell

Microsoft Edge app icon

Microsoft’s Chromium-powered not only offers better web compatibility, support for Chrome extensions, and more privacy options, but also offers an edge in speed when compared to the company’s legacy version of its Windows 10 browser. PCMark rates the new Edge as much as 10% faster compared to the legacy version (via Windows Central).

PCMark tests multiple areas of performance when benchmarking, including video streaming, checking social media feeds, using maps, shopping, as well as anything else on the web. The benchmarks were made possible thanks to the software’s recent update, which adds compatibility for Microsoft’s new browser. Here’s the update changelog:

  • The PCMark 10 Applications benchmark is now compatible with the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Improved compatibility with the Windows 10 Background Activity Moderator service to avoid
    PCMark 10 tests being classed as background processes.

Microsoft released its Chromium-based version of Edge last month for Windows 7 and later as well as macOS. One of the benefits of the new browser is that it can be updated separately from Windows 10, and Microsoft has committed to a six-week update cycle for it (plus critical patches, as can be seen on its new security advisory document). The Stable version of the browser is also current missing features as well for the time being, including support for ARM processors and history/favorites syncing.

Are you using the new Chromium Edge? How has performance faired for you? Be sure to leave your thoughts below.