PC market share sees biggest decline in history amidst Windows 10 release

Zac Bowden


It was said that Windows 10 would help the ever declining PC market gain traction once again, but even though Windows 10 has been out for 5 months now, the PC market continues to decline, with the previous quarter seeing the biggest market share decline in history. Dropping 10.6%  over the holiday season compared to the same quarter the year before, which doesn’t ring well for PC makers across the globe.

It appears the launch of Windows 10 didn’t do much in terms out kickstarting PC sales once again, but this is likely because Windows 10 is being offered as a free upgrade for devices running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, meaning many users probably don’t feel the need to purchase a new PC just yet. Once the free Windows 10 upgrade offer has passed, perhaps the PC market will see sales rise again.


In fact, it is said that PC sales are expected to start picking up again in the second half of this year, which will hopefully put an end to the doom-and-gloom that is “the end of the PC era”. Consumers are now beginning to show interest in the latest hardware and innovations such as new hybrid devices and more. Are you planning to purchase a new PC this year running Windows 10? Let us know in the comments area below.