Park It app for Windows Phone will remind you where you parked your car

Hammad Saleem

Park It for Windows Phone

There are times when you tend to forget where you parked your car, especially when you’re out shopping at a large mall or for any other purpose — happens with me quite often, mostly when I’m out for shopping with my wife as I find it quite difficult to remember the bay number and floor. If you’re a Windows Phone user, haunted by the same problem, it’s time you take a look at Park It for Windows Phone.

It’s basically a parking reminder app, which saves the location where you parked your car. You can even add notes to the entry which mentions any information related to the parking spot, and even take a snapshot which can be added to it. The app also give users the ability to setup reminders, and provide directions to the parking spot from your current location using maps when you are ready to leave. It will show you the distance as well as the time it will take to reach your parking spot while you’re walking.

“Park It is a parking reminder app. When you park your car in an unfamiliar location, Park It will save the location along with any optional notes that you choose to enter (i.e. parking garage, 4th level) and a photo you can take with your phone,” according to the app description.

Here’s the complete list of features the app has to offer:

  • Live Tile: Park It’s live tiles include a map with your saved spot as well as information about how far away you are and approximate walking time
  • Reminders: set a reminder when you save your spot to remember when you need to feed the parking meter
  • Photos: take a photo of your spot to save along with your notes and the latitude/longitude coordinates
  • Address lookup: when you save your parking location, we will lookup the address and display it for you
  • Augmented reality view: If you are in a large parking lot, Park It’s AR view can come in very handy to help you track your car down
  • Go ad free: Park It includes ads, but you remove them forever for only $.99

The app is available as a free download in Windows Phone Store, but it is ad-supported. If these ads annoy you, you can remove them by paying $0.99, provided you find the app to be useful. If you’ve already used this app, use the comments below to share your reviews.