Panos Panay tweets curious hinged picture, thanks LG Display, is he teasing the Surface Phone?

Arif Bacchus

Surface Note / Surface Phone concept

Windows Phone enthusiasts have now had to put up with over a year’s worth of rumors about Microsoft’s upcoming “Surface Phone.”  We’ve since seen tons of folding-type device patents from Microsoft, and Surface chief Panos Panay even once teased us with a subtle picture of a blurred object on his desk. Well, the Surface Phone teases won’t stop coming, and in the latest, Panay tweeted a curious hinged picture and is thanking LG Display.

There’s not much to this latest tweet, but Panos’ language use and the pairing with a picture of hinges do suggest that LG could be making the folding display for the Surface Phone device. It’s best to take this as a fun tweet though, as nothing is set in stone here, and this could just be an unrelated business picture.

Anyway, things are starting to add up a bit. Reports have said that LG is planning on mass-producing a folding display for this year. Microsoft is even working on making Windows 10 more modular, perhaps for folding screens. And finally, there has been a rash of Microsoft patents relating to hinges on a dual screen device, and an image-correcting layer for curved displays.

Panos is obviously having fun with us Microsoft watchers and fans for now, but there could be something big on the road ahead. Do you think Panos Panay is teasing us? Are you pumped for Surface Phone? Let us know in the comments below.