Panos Panay answers questions about Surface Phone (sorta) and more

Dave W. Shanahan


In a recent interview, Microsoft Surface head Panos Panay fielded some questions about the recent NFL Surface sideline disaster, Surface Book, and other Microsoft topics. Panay is taking on a wider role within Microsoft, supervising the development of other products like the Microsoft Band 2 and HoloLens. Panay deflected a direct question about whether he is developing the rumored Surface Phone:

“People love asking that. Again, nice try. I think you have to continuously check the landscape of what needs to happen next in all our device categories. We’re working on a lot of stuff. Yeah, right now, the Lumia line is exactly what it is. We have the Surface line, and we have every other device that the company makes. It really is about bringing them all together with a consistent feeling and making sure the experiences across Microsoft come to our customers. We have a lot to offer and a lot to do, but I don’t want to get trapped into, here’s what the next thing is, because that’s not exactly where I’ll go.”

Panay answered most questions about the Surface Book and what Microsoft hopes to achieve with its product lines. Panay wants people to love Microsoft’s products as much as he enjoys creating and designing them. To date, Microsoft has not made the significant gains in the phone market that many hoped. Moreover, the new Lumias, like the Lumia 950, have yet to show promise in converting iOS and Android users to Windows 10 Mobile.
Listen to the full interview via SoundCloud below.