Panasonic unveils Windows 8.1 powered Toughbook CF-D1, designed for automotive technicians


Panasonic unveils Windows 8.1 powered Toughbook CF-D1, designed for automotive technicians

Panasonic has unveiled the updated Toughbook CF-D1 today, which is powered by Microsoft’s latest Windows 8.1 Pro operating system. Designed for automotive technicians and emergency personnel, the Toughbook CF-D1 has been designed to feature increased performance and communication capabilities, to ensure it dominates as the first choice when it comes to rugged tablets.

The Toughbook CF-D1 features Windows 8.1 Pro, a third generation Intel Core i5-3340M vPro 2.7GHz processor with 500GB hard drive (Up from 320GB) and optional 256GB SSD. The device also features a 13.3″ widescreen HD LCD display with LED Backlight. The Toughbook CF-D1 also has a battery life of nine hours and features the latest Gobi 5000 4G module (optional), Bluetooth v4.0, Wireless LAN IEEE802.11a/b/g/n and GPS (optional). The refreshed device also includes 1x USB 3.0 and 2x USB 2.0 ports.

“The Toughbook CF-D1 was designed with and for technicians performing diagnostics on engines, automobiles, trucks and machines in either the workshop or field environment, as well as emergency services command and response teams that need large and clear screen visibility to display technical drawings and maps,” Panasonic stated in a press release to WinBeta.

The device also features a 5MP high-resolution rear camera (Up from 3MP) to capture diagnostic documentation or paper information electronically. On top of that, the device fetures a wide range of security features such as AMT, vPro (optional), Kensington lock, Smartcard reader (optional) and Panasonic security utilities.

“For convenient use by technicians whatever their environment, the device has been ergonomically designed with semi-mobility in mind. Weighing approx. 2.25kg, the CF-D1 can be carried by the handle, held in one hand for data input using the hand strap or stand alone alongside the technician using extendable legs (Project driven). The device can also be used in a docking cradle with adjustable viewing angle to allow optimized viewing in various scenarios or back at the technician’s desk in the office,” Panasonic explained.

You can head over to Panasonic’s website to check out the updated Toughbook CF-D1.