Panasonic releases a tough Windows 10 Mobile device, the FZ-F1

Michael Cottuli

Looking for a new Windows 10 Mobile device, but don’t want to deal with the fragility of modern products? Panasonic has you covered with a handset that’s, all things considered, absurd levels of durable. The new FZ-F1 is an exceptionally tough device that should be able to handle pretty much anything you throw at it.

The product bears the “ToughPad” name, meaning it’s designed to survive in brutal conditions. Whether it takes a 6-foot drop, gets tossed out of a moving car, or whatever else you can put it through, it’s been built to handle it. The device was given military-grade certifications to ensure that it can tough out any bumps and bruises.

Going at a price of $1,495, this monster of a handset isn’t for everybody – casual consumers are going to want to stick to Lumia for the time being. That said, it’s pretty nice to see more Windows 10 Mobile devices being put out on the market, especially when they’re designed with such a niche audience in mind.