Microsoft shipped over 2 million Surface devices last quarter, according to reports

Sean Cameron


The Surface line of tablets hasn’t had the easiest life. Though a great deal was invested by Microsoft in their success, the likes of the Surface RT, and Surface 2 failed to ignite demand around the world. 

Things began to change for the better in 2014 however, with the release of the Surface Pro 3. An accomplished laptop/tablet hybrid, the device is several degrees of magnitude more desirable than its predecessors, something shown frequently in sales figures.

This streak of success has continued, and according to figures released by Canalys, over 2 million Surface tablets were shipped in Q4 2014. Though this number represents the total of the Surface line sold, the Surface Pro 3 is understood to have been a major driver behind this growth. Selling at triple the rate of the Surface Pro 2, Microsoft has clearly gotten something right with this newer model.

What the next generation will bring is yet to be seen, but if Microsoft can continue to build on its previous successes, then the future is exciting indeed.

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