Outlook.com says goodbye to Facebook and Google Chat

Kareem Anderson

Outlook.com says goodbye to Facebook and Google Chat

In a email intended for Outlook.com users, Microsoft has reveal their plans to discontinue the use of Google Talk and Facebook Chat integration in Outlook.com. Microsoft cites Google’s decision to discontinue their chat protocol as one of the reason they are no longer allowed to offer Google Chat in Outlook.com. Even though Google Talk support was a highly requested feature for the email service back in 2013, it appears moves by Google have since silenced that crowed. Strangely enough there is no mention as to why Facebook Chat is no longer being offered.

Facebook Chat is no longer being offered because Facebook is ending support of its XMPP Chat Protocol on April 30th, so the chatting function would stop working after that date.

While the chat functions were somewhat integrated into the People’s page and contact information, Microsoft states the removal of them will not affect your connections to your Facebook and or Google accounts. The People’s page should remain up to date with the latest information from those services.

This move seems more like an inevitability rather than for any other reason. Unlike the AIM days, people are choosing to keep their chats and discussions siloed. Specific apps for specific purposes.

The removal of the chat services is said to take place over the next couple of weeks, and during the transition Microsoft would like to recommend users give Skype a try.