Outlook to allow hiding sent messages in conversation mode

Devesh Beri


In a recent development, Microsoft has added a new feature to Outlook, allowing users to hide sent messages in conversation mode. This feature, identified by Feature ID 178345, was officially added to the Microsoft 365 roadmap on October 16, 2023.

Outlook users will now have the option to exclude sent messages from the conversation mode by adjusting their settings. This update is expected to enhance the user experience by providing greater control over email conversations.

The rollout of this feature is scheduled to begin this month. The release phases include Preview, General Availability, and Current Channel.

The ability to hide sent messages in conversation mode in Outlook offers users a cleaner and more organized email experience by reducing clutter and making it easier to focus on incoming messages and the context of ongoing email conversations.

This feature also enhances user privacy and minimizes the potential for accidental data exposure, ensuring that sensitive information in sent messages remains hidden within the conversation thread, contributing to improved email management and security.

This feature is applicable to Outlook users on the Mac platform and across various cloud instances, including GCC, DoD, GCC High, and Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant). Microsoft’s move to offer this functionality directly addresses user preferences. It is set to be a valuable addition to the Outlook email service.