Outlook Groups app now available for Windows Mobile

Michael Cottuli

Microsoft has always focused on keeping businesses efficient. The company has kept it their top priority to make communication in the workplace effective, fast, and flexible. Outlook Groups is an app that intends to work towards that end. The app is available for Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone 8.1, and promises to keep people more connected than ever.
The app is supposed to bring people together into a group, where they can stay in continuous contact with one another. It also comes equipped with a group OneNote Notebook and a group calendar, making it simple for your team to keep things together without needing to utilize third party services to organize notable events or document important information. The Outlook Groups app seems like it could be a very effective way for teams to keep in touch with one another.
You can download the app right now on the Microsoft store.

Outlook Groups
Outlook Groups
Price: Free