Outlook for iOS and Android will try to tackle email fatigue with emoji reactions

Rabia Noureen

Generic Outlook Bakground

Microsoft’s Outlook for iOS and Android is getting a useful feature that may help users deal with never-ending email conversations. The new reactions feature, which was announced at Ignite 2020, will start rolling out in February 2021.

With these new email reactions, Outlook users on mobile devices will get the ability to react to emails with emojis like Thumbs up, laugh, heart, celebrate, and shed a tear. This feature is already available on various social media platforms as well as Microsoft’s own apps like Teams and Yammer, and it’s especially handy when users want to quickly express their sentiments about conversations.

Reactions group.png

“Our goal is to ensure that regardless of whether you use Outlook on your mobile or on the web and eventually desktop and mac, Reactions will be one more capability from Outlook to help you better express your authentic self,” the company explained. For now, Outlook for iOS and Android are the first platforms that will get email reactions in February 2021, and we’ll be keeping an eye on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap to see if the company announces an ETA for desktop users.