Outlook for iOS and Android to roll out Play my Emails feature in more English-speaking countries

Rabia Noureen

play my emails

Microsoft is planning to expand the Play My Emails feature in its Outlook mobile apps to more English-speaking countries. The company has recently announced via the Microsoft 365 Admin Center that the update will begin rolling out all Office 365 customers globally in July.

The Play My Emails feature launched first in the US back in 2019, and Microsoft said later in September last year that it would come to more markets in the coming months. As of today, this capability is limited to English-speaking customers in the United Kingdom, Canada, India, as well as Australia, and the upcoming update will optimize the experience for customers outside of these regions.

Once the update is available, Outlook users will see a notification at the bottom of the inbox screen. “With Play My Emails set up and turned on, Cortana will intelligently read emails when a user start Play My Emails by tapping the play button in the menu sidebar. When connected to a Bluetooth or audio device or the native iOS device speaker, start Play My Emails by tapping the play button at the bottom of the inbox or in the menu sidebar,” the company explained.

To enable the Play My Emails experience, international customers will need to change the default language setting on their Outlook mobile app to English. This functionality will be supported for Outlook.com, Office 365, and Gmail accounts and it will require an active network connection to work.