Outlook for Android now offers time suggestions when scheduling a meeting

Rabia Noureen

Generic Outlook Bakground

Microsoft has released a new update for its Outlook app on Android. The latest update brings a new “Suggested times” feature that assists in scheduling meetings on the mobile app. The feature was spotted by WindowsBlogItalia in version 4.2111.2, but while we’re not seeing that version on the Google Play Store.

The Suggested times feature was first announced for all commercial and education users at Ignite 2021 last month. It has been designed to make it easier for users to find an optimal time for meetings that works for everyone. The feature uses AI to check the availability of invited meeting participants and then suggests different timeslots. These suggestions are made while considering the existing commitments, preferences, and priorities of the meeting owner.


Furthermore, the app will also help the meeting owner reschedule any previous commitments if they are not available to attend the meeting. “If Outlook can’t find a slot that works for everyone it will suggest times where your attendees are free, and you may be able to move or skip another event to accommodate. If you decide to schedule the meeting over another commitment, Outlook will then assist you with rescheduling your conflict,” the company explained.

The new intelligent scheduling assist is a welcome addition for those who struggle to find a suitable time slot to collaborate with colleagues. It should help to avoid conflicts when scheduling meetings with multiple participants. The Microsoft 365 roadmap says that iOS users should see the new suggested times feature later this month, but it’s not clear when this capability will be available on the desktop.