Outlook.com to display dynamic emails with support for AMP HTML format, now available in preview

Kareem Anderson

As often as many in the tech industry have proclaimed the death of email when each new chat and modern collaborative services springs up, the seemingly antiquated messaging tool continues to lumber on as a cornerstone of business-related communication.

A recent push by Google to incorporate more interactivity with email by adding AMP technologies to email, could be the shot of adrenaline email needed to compete with the Slacks of the world which means it’s naturally  also being championed by Microsoft in its own Outlook platform.

Google published a press release about the company’s intent to bring Accelerated Mobile Pages framework to Gmail over a year ago, and since then it’s been in limited release under the company’s Developer Preview program.

WIth the news that Google is pushing the AMP framework live, Microsoft has been quick to throw its support behind AMPHTML efforts and released its own developer blog post explaining that Outlook.com too will support the format.

  1. We are continually seeking new ways to provide outstanding customer experiences and drive advancements in email. As part of this pursuit, we are adding support for the AMPHTML email format as a preview in Outlook.com.

Unlike Google’s general availability announcement today, Microsoft is slow rolling the AMPHTML framework for Outlook.com as a preview program initially.

Perhaps, more frustratingly, the limited preview isn’t expected to surface until summer 2019 which could ultimately mean general availability could be out as far as next year for Outlook.com users.