Outlook.com can now be installed as a PWA on Chromium-based browsers

Jonny Caldwell

Microsoft has just made Outlook.com available as a progressive web app on macOS, Windows, and Chrome OS though Chromium-based web browsers (via The Verge). This means browsers such as Google Chrome will allow users to install the Outlook web app by simply hitting the plus icon towards the right of the URL bar.

Strangely, installing the PWA isn’t quite possible on Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser that’s expected to launch early next year. While Edge doesn’t currently offer support for PWAs, the new browser does allow any app to be installed to look like one, albeit without offline access and full notification support.

Even so, the PWA doesn’t appear to be anything more than a containerized web app. Unlike traditional PWAs, the Outlook app doesn’t offer offline support, and notifications are sent though the browser. It also can’t be set as the default email app on the system, so chances are this won’t replace your full desktop client.

Microsoft has been looking into PWAs since it introduced the new Office web app that replace the traditional application on Windows and macOS. The Microsoft Store is also home to a number of PWAs, including Twitter and Hulu.

Do you see your self using the new Outlook PWA, or do you prefer to access Outlook within your browser tabs? Be sure to leave a comment down below.