Outlook app on iOS now supports opening web links via Microsoft Edge

Arif Bacchus

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If you’ve recently jumped off the Windows 10 Mobile ship and switched to an iPhone, you might have discovered that you can’t change default apps in iOS. Well, if you’ve opted to download all the Microsoft iOS apps and turn your device into the iPhone Pro once mentioned by Satya Nadella, you’ll be happy to know the Outlook app on iOS now supports opening web links via Microsoft Edge.

To be clear, this Outlook feature still does not change the app defaults in iOS, but it does now automatically allow users to open links in Outlook with Edge instead of Safari. It’s a nifty little feature for those who may prefer using Microsoft’s Edge mobile browser over the Safari app. You can find the setting by pressing the hamburger menu button in Outlook, scrolling to settings, scrolling down to the bottom of settings, and then pressing on “Open Links with” in the Preferences section.

Definitely an interesting way for Microsoft to get around the otherwise locked down Apple defaults in iOS. Do you think you will be using this trick on Outlook in order to use Edge on iOS more? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.