Oops! Xbox Support shows off Windows 10 Music Preview app new UI

Kip Kniskern

Music Preview Artists new UI

In late March, Microsoft released another in a long line of “start over from scratch” Music apps, this one dubbed “Music Preview” (without the Xbox branding). The app, available for both Windows 10 Mobile devices and Windows 10 Insider Preview, contains little to suggest what the finalized UI will look like.

From the recently noted changes to Windows 10 desktop icons, however, it’s becoming clear that Microsoft is moving away from the minimalist “Metro” style it first adopted with Windows 8, and bringing back a bit more color and nuance to Windows 10’s look and feel.

How that plays out finally is yet to be seen, and Microsoft typically saves the UI changes for late in the development cycle, but thanks to the sharp eyes of one of our readers (Thanks Travis!), even though the apps don’t reveal much, we’re able to get a glimpse of what’s coming in a screenshot provided on Support.Xbox.com, as you can see above.

Currently, the Music Preview app has shipped without much in the way of UI features at all, but Microsoft is apparently falling in love with the Skype-like circular images, which are already present in Windows 10’s log in screens.  Here’s a look at the Artists screen currently:

Music Preview current

The new Music Preview app is already incorporated into the current design in one place, with your profile image (as with in other parts of the Windows 10 UI) showing up all Skype-ish:

Music Preview profile

So what do you think?  Are you hopeful that the Music Preview app will finally be something worth using?  What do you think about the use of circles?