OneNote and Office Mix get new features to help teachers in the classroom

Dave W. Shanahan

Microsoft has recently announced new features for OneNote and Office Mix that combine with learning management systems (LMS) to help teachers be more efficient with their time in the classroom. OneNote and Office Mix officially received IMS Global Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) certification. The LTI is a standard way of teaching students using rich learning applications. The OneNote Class Notebook LTI app is now available for download.
OneNote will now automatically add students that are enrolled in an LMS course to the course’s OneNote Class Notebook to track their progress throughout the year. Teachers will no longer waste their time individually typing every student’s name when creating a Class Notebook. Rebecca Keene, a One-to-One program specialist for the Kent, WA school district, remarks at how much easier the new integration features with help her and her colleagues.

“Our teachers were hoping to be able to create Class Notebooks without typing in student names and keep the Notebooks tightly integrated with our LMS. By combining the power of Class Notebooks with the robust LMS features they are accustomed to using, our students are given one access point for all of their work. This is exactly the integration we have been hoping to achieve!”

The new integration features of OneNote and Office Mix work with all major LMS systems, including Canvas, Blackboard, Haiku, Moodle, and more. OneNote and Office Mix will continue to be a helpful tool for teachers to help prioritize time and help their students more effectively learn.